Exclusive Distributor of Piazzetta Fireplaces South Africa

Our Calore stores are premium retail outlets that are dedicated to inspire and reflect a fresh and warm outlook on heating systems for your home. The passion for our products and the future of heating technology is showcased in our modern and hi tech showrooms.

Our showrooms are designed to encompass the latest in heating technologies with experienced and technical staff on hand to assist in recommending the correct heating system for your home.

Calore is the exclusive distributor of Piazzetta in South Africa– the current top brand of fireplaces in Italy and Europe. Piazzetta have been manufacturing since 1960 and are committed to the highest quality materials and stringent quality tests. Piazzetta’s history is based on research, innovation, expert knowledge and the selection of the best materials available, for their expert craftsman’s.

Piazzetta’s facilities covers over 65 thousand square meters and boasts over 50 years of activity based on advanced and exclusive know-how to guarantee day-by-day highly reliable, quality products. Piazzetta products have extremely low running costs when compared to traditional heating systems currently used in South Africa.

Calore’s innovative product strategy extends further with the introduction of pellet fireplace technology to the South African market. Pellet fireplaces are a first for South Africa which is an extremely successful and efficient form of automated heating currently used in Europe , UK and the USA. (See pellet fireplaces in our product range for more information on this latest technology).

They are a friendly choice for the environment as they have a direct effect on reducing our carbon footprint and also assist in relieving the strain on our electrical power stations. It is for these obvious reasons that Calore has chosen to partner with Piazzetta to bring to South Africa these cutting-edge eco-friendly heating systems.

Piazzetta have designed and internationally patented the Multifuoco System (Multifire) for their fireplaces. This system allows the hot air generated by the firebox to be ducted to the existing room and adjacent rooms in the house. This is achieved with the use of an electronically powered motor fitted at the base of the unit. Be sure to ask us about the Multifuoco System (Multifire) when next visiting one of our stores.


Calore's Mission Statement

Calore is committed to reducing South Africa’s carbon emissions by providing the consumer with technologically advanced biomass heating systems that are energy efficient, use renewable fuel, reduce strain on the electrical grid, reduce running costs and are affordable.

Calore will endeavour to educate the public to use green alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions, save water and thus create a cleaner, healthier environment in Southern Africa. Calore is committed to skill development and training in the biomass industry, thus creating many job opportunities.

Calore's Vision

Leader in providing sustainable energy solutions for Southern Africa

  • Social responsibility to create a greener SA
  • Improving the comfort and lifestyle of our clients
  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company
  • Science-based innovation
  • Service excellence
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Profit, but profit from works that benefits humanity and our environment
  • Social responsibility in line with the ethics of the Constitution of South Africa