Calore Bellville

Address: 304 Durban Road, The Bridge Centre, Bellville

Phone: 021 276 5800

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Find all the latest built in and free standing wood and pellet fireplaces on display including the very popular Kamado Jan ceramic braai.

Also available at the showroom will be the finest ranges of gas, wood and charcoal braais, pizza ovens and fire pits.

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Calore is also the exclusive distributor of Piazzetta in South Africa – the current top brand of fireplaces in Italy and Europe. Piazzetta have been manufacturing since 1960 and are committed to the highest quality materials and stringent quality tests. Piazzetta’s history is based on research, innovation, expert knowledge and the selection of the best materials available, for their expert craftsman’s.

The Piazzetta Multifuoco (Multifire) System is a Central Heating System that distributes heat evenly throughout your home, maintaining an even, optimum temperature from floor to ceiling.

The system draws hot air from the ceiling level and distributes it via a fan at floor level. It also allows for the hot air to be distributed to multiple rooms via ducting, up to 16m away from the unit. READ MORE