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Address: 4 Wiersma Road, Port Alfred

Phone: 082 998 2220

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We offer wood as well as pellet burning fireplaces. We are able to give you the best advice regarding your requirements and our trained installation teams have the expertise and equipment to carry out quality installations and any servicing requirements.

We are committed to reducing South Africa’s carbon emissions by providing the consumer with heating systems that are energy efficient. Combustion wood-burning and pellet-burning fireplaces offer your clients distinct performance, safety, convenience and cost saving advantages over traditional open fireplaces, without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of a traditional open fireplace.  Biomass technologies provides an alternative solution to construction role players in complying to the South African national energy efficiency standards for buildings put forward by SANS 204 and the rating tools designed by the Green Building Council of South Africa. For sustainable energy, biomass can be used as a versatile alternative fuel source. The real strength of our product, and the reason it is a truly sustainable alternative energy source, is that we use a natural waste product from sustainable wood plantations as our resource. This is in the form of logs and wood pellets.  View our range of pellet stoves on our website.