Wood pellets, the better heating alternative


Wood pellets, is a significant contributor in savings on electricity and heating costs, while reducing harmful carbon emissions. The thermal conversion of woody biomass in supply and end-use consumption can have a considerable impact on the national energy balance in South Africa.

The economic advantages of wood pellets are striking:

Compared to fossil fuel or liquid petroleum gas, you can save about half of your expenses on heating fuel.

An important factor for the cost-effectiveness of wood pellet heating are the highly efficient heating devices that were developed for this solid fuel. Wood pellet central heating boilers, as well as wood pellet fireplaces, transform more than 90% of the energy contained in the fuel into usable heat energy.

It is this combination of low fuel costs and efficient heating devices that makes the use of wood pellets so cost-effective.


Various factors will influence the amount of pellets consumed. This will vary from home to home and according to the actual pellet fireplace in use.

How much fuel you burn is relative to how warm you want it to be in your home, the space you are trying to heat, how well the house is insulated and how much it would take to heat the required space in relation to the outside temperature at any given moment.

The amount of pellets consumed will vary with each pellet fireplace and will depend on the kilowatt output range of the fireplace and the power setting of the fireplace.


Our wood pellets are produced locally. Our wood pellets are readily available nation-wide through our dealers’ retail stores. We deliver truck loads to all major centers, by interlink truck, for our commercial customers.


Wood pellet central heating boilers are known for high user comfort, easy operation and cleanliness. The fuel is delivered by truck and stored in a silo and automatically conveyed to the boiler. Ignition, control, boiler cleaning and de-ashing happens in a fully automatic manner. What remains for the user to do, is simply emptying the ash box once or twice per heating season.

Wood pellet fireplaces have high comfort advantages over conventional wood fireplaces. Once filled with wood pellets, the pellet fireplace automatically feeds the pellets, via an augur, and provides consistent heating for up to 2-3 days. Once a day, the small amount of ash, can be easily removed by vacuum cleaner. Technical refinements, such as switching on and off and monitoring the heating device by remote control, or as an added option, even by mobile phone, complete the picture of a highly user-friendly heating system.

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