Infinity Plus Line is the new range of hybrid stoves capable of heating a room or the entire home with either wood or pellets.

Hybrid heating system, with wood or pellet

The practicality of pellets and the crackling sound of wood merge to create a hybrid stove. You will no longer face the choice between a wood-fired and a pellet-fired product, as you can now enjoy all the advantages of both versions combined in a single stove…Infinity. Innovative technology, artisan Majolica processing, a collection featuring refined design.

Heating modes

An Infinity Plus Line stove can heat with different modes. Through the Multifuoco® System – which uses forced ventilation – with natural convection or storage by means of the Heat Storage System.

Research and innovation with MultiFuoco System.

Your heating mode, even with the utmost silence.

Prolonged warmth even after the flames have gone out.

Two fuels in a single stove

An Infinity Plus Line stove – that allows for heating with both wood and pellets; the switch from one fuel to the other occurs without interrupting the stove’s operation, for maximum comfort and practical use. Although their operation is controlled electronically, Infinity stoves can function regularly even without electricity, by heating with wood.

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