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Calore imports and distributes a range of products across the residential heating, cooking and home entertainment categories. The Calore Fireplaces brands include European standard fireplaces, pizza ovens, braais and fire pits.

Our exclusive brand partners offer our customer base the best quality and support with after sales service.

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Calore deals direct with top manufacturers and therefore we have access to hundreds of fireplaces. Far too many to display. Please follow the links below to the websites of our manufacturers to view their full ranges. Should you wish to enquire about any units currently not in stock at our distribution centres, please submit your enquiry using the form below. T’s & C’s apply. Lead times and pricing dependent on availability at manufacturer.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore Fireplaces in South Africa is the exclusive distributor of Piazzetta of Italy . Piazzetta is currently the top brand of fireplaces in Italy, Europe and further abroad. Piazzetta are considered as the global leaders in the development and production of high-performance and state-of-the-art closed combustion system fireplaces and biomass related special heating systems.

Piazzetta’s production facilities covers over 65 thousand square meters (the largest and most prominent specialist manufacturer in Italy) and boasts over 60 years of R&D based on exclusive know-how to guarantee the most advanced day-by-day highly reliable, quality products.

A combination of the finest raw materials and latest development in spatial heating technology are all forged together by expert engineers and artisanal craftsman, resulting in specialized products that not only look breathtakingly beautiful, but also offer unrivalled high-performance outputs and operating efficiencies.

Piazzetta have also designed and internationally patented the Multifuoco System (Multifire) for their fireplaces. This system allows the hot air generated by the firebox to be ducted and circulated to the existing and adjacent rooms for central heating application. Smart fireplace technology allows for complete automation by incorporating Smart phone (app) control via Wifi-connection to the firebox.

Piazzetta produce one of the largest and complete ranges of both built in and free- standing wood and pellet burning fireplaces with a vast option of custom hand-crafted majolica ceramic claddings and surrounds, all exclusively available through Calore Fireplaces in South Africa.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore Fireplaces have selected an exclusive range of high quality closed system built in and free-standing wood burning insert type fireplaces to be distributed through its network of nationwide dealers. These units are built with heavy gauge high strength and thick steel, offering a robust and high-quality product with slick modern rectangular designs.

Free standing options can be installed onto any flat slab structure or wall-mounted with suspension kit. Additional bases can be included and range from 4 feet, round pedestal, log holder or extended bench. All models can also be fitted with an optional ventilation system. View the exclusive range at Calore stores nationwide.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore Fireplaces have exclusive distribution in South Africa of Bronpi of Spain who has grown to become one of Spain’s largest manufacturers of closed system wood burning fireplaces.

Bronpi offers a full range of built in and free-standing fireplaces in both steel and traditional cast iron designs.

Highly skilled and trained engineers incorporate a combination of both modern and traditional production methods resulting in a unique range of products tailored for modern and traditional type spaces. Bronpi fireplaces are highly efficient as they produce high heat outputs with low wood consumption.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Artel is one of Italy’s largest manufacturer’s that specialize in high-quality/large quantity production of automated domestic pellet fireplaces. The sheer economy of scale of this high-tech production facility and specialized production techniques, result in a finished product that incorporates all the benefits of SMART automated technology at economical and affordable pricing. All the standard automated features are included in these units such as automatic start/stop, power control, temperature control and pre-programed timing. All Artel units are compatible with Wifi connection.

AMG systems offer slick modern looks, high performance Smart technology and low running costs at extremely competitive pricing, exclusively available through Calore Fireplaces.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore Fireplaces has partnered with one of the largest European fireplace manufacturers to tailor an exclusive “in-house” range of premium closed combustion wood burning fireplaces specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of the South African market.

The Calore in-house range of fireplaces offer high performance outputs with stunning modern contemporary designs. The large glass windows allow for unrivaled and maximum view of the flames creating a truly mesmerizing and cozy atmosphere.

Our State-of-the-art production facility incorporates the latest production techniques resulting in a top-quality product, boasting industry leading performances and efficiencies and stunning looks -all at unbeatable, economical pricing -excellent value for money. View the exclusive range at Calore stores nationwide.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


A Caminetti specialize in large built-in fireboxes resulting in a high quality and durable products designed to emit high heat outputs for large spaces and in some of the world’s coldest environments. Extremely large glass windows offer unrivalled viewing of the flames. Firebox operation is simple and easy to use with standard rise and fall glass door function and removal ash boxes. Heat distribution is further enhanced with the additional of the optional ventilation system.

Caminetti fireplaces are built for high performance and maximum heat outputs and are the perfect choice for a large built in feature fireplace.

View the exclusive range at Calore stores nationwide.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Based in Modena, Italy, Italkero specializes in the production of high performance (SMART) closed combustion flued gas fireplaces.

Flued gas systems are much safer in comparison to flue-less gas fireplaces as they do not emit any harmful gas emissions into the living environment. These units are fitted with sealed glass doors and installed with coaxial flues (which expel the harmful gasses to the outside while also supplying combustion air into the burner). Flued gas fireplaces hence do not require any additional ventilation and are safe for installation in areas such as bedrooms.

Italkero Smart gas fireboxes offer the convenience of gas through beautiful modern contemporary designs with the option of Smart control technology. Built in gas fireboxes are available in single, double, 3 sided and corner sided units with additional drop-in style counter-top inserts in standard sizes up to 1.8m in length. All units come standard with infra-red remote control and ceramic logs.

Italkero fireplaces are built to order and exclusively available through Calore Fireplaces.

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore is also the exclusive importer and distributor of the incredible Kamado Jan grill. The secret of the Kamado Jan is the ceramic dome. The ceramic shell acts as an insulator to keep the natural oils and moisture in food for incredible juiciness and tenderness. You also get true wood fired flavor because our grills use 100% natural sustainable lump charcoal as a heat source. The shape also circulates heat for more uniform cooking and heat controls allow for accurate temperature control and retention. The ingenuous ceramic dome design gets the Kamado up to temperature and ready to cook in approximately 15 minutes; the average time it takes to heat up a gas grill. What’s more is that the Kamado is extremely economical to use giving you up to 14 hours of cooking heat from one load of charcoal. The all-in-one grill is a braai, smoker, pizza oven, convection oven and slow cooker offering endless culinary possibilities. View the versatile Kamado Jan at selected dealers nationwide.


Calore fireplaces are correctly installed to EU specifications of installation with the highest quality pipes and fittings exclusively imported from MC (Italy) & Banka (Portugal). Stainless steel components are produced from 304 grade stainless steel, while heavy gauge European spec powder-coated (black) mild steel pipes are available for internal exposed applications. Calore supplies a full range of installation componentry, ranging from 80mm-300mm in size for every possible installation scenario. Calore pipes and fittings carry a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty ensuring our clients safety, longevity of performance and complete peace of mind.


Based in Italy, Comex produce premium, hand crafted fireplace toolsets, log holders and accessories. Their unique range of beautifully designed products have been built to enhance the pleasure and user experience of fireplace operation. Every attention to detail has been applied to every step of the production line, resulting in a top quality and functional fireplace accessory.

Comex products offer that final touch to complete and complement your perfect fireplace installation in true Italian style. Comex range of products are exclusively distributed by Calore

Calore Fireplaces Brands


Calore Signature series built in braai’s are available in both stainless and mild steel options in set standard and bespoke custom configurations; offering our clients a unique selection of exclusive high quality outdoor lifestyle grills. Premium raw material forged together with the latest in production technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques result in a finished product in-line with the most stringent of high-quality standards, while still maintaining competitive and affordable pricing. View our range here.

Calore built-in braais can be equipped for wood/charcoal or gas-combo cooking for maximum convenience and ease of use. An optional rotisserie system is also available on request, a must for the true “braai master”.


Chad-O-Chef are a proudly South African manufacturer of high-quality, high-grade stainless steel gas grills, braais and flue-less gas fireplaces and accessories. With over 35 years in local manufacturing experience, they have pioneered the local production of gas lifestyle products, offering a unique range that is perfectly tailored to uplift and enhance both indoor and outdoor entertainment areas.

Their innovative strategy extends even further with the release of their exclusive Hybrid grilling system which is capable of burning wood/coal/gas and smoker chips simultaneously in a single combustion area, an absolute marvel of modern gas engineering.