Even heat distribution throughout your home

Piazzetta’s fireboxes and stoves ensure absolute comfort with their patented Multifire System. This system offers even heat distribution throughout your home.

Even Heat Distribution & Ducting

Exclusive technology, evenly distributed heat

Multifuoco System® is an exclusive technological application that offers consistant warmth. It is an extraordinary system of forced ventilation conceived and patented by Piazzetta R&D engineers, which has been scientifically tested by researchers in Italy. The Multifuoco System® allows you to distribute heat evenly throughout multiple rooms, from floor to ceiling.

Comfort and wellbeing with Multifuoco System®

The Multifuoco System’s has the capacity to distribute heat evenly throughout a room, maintaining an ideal temperature from the floor to the ceiling. With conventional systems hot air tends to naturally rise thus creating a heat layer just below ceiling level and cold air stays at floor level. The Multifuoco System allows warm air to flow out from the bottom vent, thus preventing warm air to stratify close to the ceiling. The innovative system then allows the air to re-enter through the top grilles of the stove to be warmed again and to continue its cycle. This ensures that heat produced is evenly distributed throughout the environment.

Warm air ducting up to 16m

Multifuoco System® is a heating system for your entire home through a simple ducting system. You can duct the warm air to other rooms and have the certainty that the comfort level will always be the same as in the room where the product is installed. The ducting system allows you to convey warm air up to *16 metres with a pellet fireplace and up to *10 metres with a wood-burning fireplace . Suitably insulated small diameter flexible pipes (75mm) are used for the warm air to flow into the rooms at floor level through special vents fitted with flow control. *Distance of ducting may vary between units.

Multifire Plus & Burn Control System

Innovative electronic controlled version for wood-burning stoves

Multifuoco System Plus has evolved from the extraordinary forced ventilation Multifuoco System and is designed specifically for wood-burning appliances.

Operation of the whole forced ventilation unit is constantly controlled by an electronic card, which interacts with an innovative LCD remote control.

Truly flexible control system

The electronic control unit offers a selection of three modes of operation:


The fan automatically starts and stops according to a precise appliance threshold temperature.


The room temperature set on the remote control is reached, there is the option either for the fan to stop and then start again when the temperature drops or for the fan to automatically modulate the power (speed) level. This ensures even heat distribution throughout your room.


The user switches the fan on. When a precise appliance threshold temperature is reached the fan independently passes to the automatic mode. If the conditions for passing to the automatic mode are not satisfied, the system stops to avoid cool air from being fanned into the room.

The remote control has a high-precision NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) sensor for constant and efficient monitoring of the room temperature.

Multifuoco System Plus is compatible with the Burn Control System and the two systems are controlled through a single remote control and a single electronic control unit.

Comfort and wellness for the entire home

The ventilation system moves warm air into other rooms to ensure that the comfort level are always the same as in the room where the fireplace is installed.

The ability to connect the Multifuoco System Plus to a room thermostat makes it even more convenient and easy to use.

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