What to know when buying a Closed Combustion Fireplace

What to know when buying the perfect closed combustion fireplace for your home.
Buying a closed combustion fireplace

What is a closed combustion fireplace and how does it compare to an open fireplace?

Here’s what to know when buying the perfect closed combustion fireplace for your home. Closed combustion refers to a fire burning behind a sealed glass door fitted with adjustable air controls which regulate the amount of air flowing into the combustion chamber.

These air controls allow the user to regulate the combustion air and thus adjust the output of the fireplace. In an open combustion fireplace there is no control over combustion air, thus accelerating the combustion air intake as the temperature in the fireplace increases, resulting in heat loss through the flue outlet.

Unlike an open fire, a closed combustion fireplace is highly efficient and very economical. They use approximately a 3rd of the wood (compared to an open fire) and transfer up to 85% of the heat back into the room rather than losing the heat through the flue outlet. They also produce less ash and lower carbon emissions. Closed systems are safe as the glass prevents any smoke or other combustion gases coming into the room –So no smoky smells in your home or on your clothes!

Do I choose a wood-log or a wood pellet heating system?

Do you enjoy lighting a fire, stoking the coals and experiencing the romantic ambiance of a natural wood burning flame?

If so, a wood log system is the way to go.


Do you prefer an automated system that can be pre-set to switch on before you arrive home and/or before you wake up in the morning, can automatically maintain the temperature you have selected and requires very little maintenance?

If so, a wood pellet system is the way to go.

Does my closed combustion fireplace require maintenance?

Yes it does on a yearly basis. During summer months, when your fireplace is not in use , is a perfect time to get it serviced by our trained service teams.

Proper maintenance ensures that you never get a build-up of ash and soot in the flue or dust on the motor.

This maintenance job takes about an hour and a half and entails stripping the fireplace , cleaning out any ash build up, re-spraying and reassembling it.

Please contact your dealer to arrange your service via our Store Locator.

What is the cost of a Fireplace?

If you are in the market for buying a closed combustion fireplace, Our fireplace prices are listed on our website – Click here to view our Fireplace Range.
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