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Our company has retail showrooms which are conveniently located across South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho are designed to encompass the latest in heating technologies with experienced and technically trained staff on hand to assist in recommending the correct heating system for your home.

We are the exclusive distributor of various premium European brands which include Piazzetta of Italy , Bronpi and ADF of Spain , C&A of Portugal and Italkero of Italy. Our manufacturers use the highest quality materials and stringent quality tests. You can expect only the best innovation, expert knowledge and craftsmanship.

Our innovative product strategy extended further by the introduction of pellet fireplace technology to the South African market. Pellet fireplaces are a first for South Africa which are highly efficient automated heating systems currently used worldwide.

Pellet fireplaces are a friendly choice for the environment as they have a direct effect on reducing our carbon footprint and also assist in relieving the strain on our electrical power stations. It is for these obvious reasons that Calore has chosen to establish these cutting-edge eco-friendly heating systems in the South African market.

Calore’s Mission Statement

Calore is committed to reducing South Africa’s carbon emissions by providing the consumer with technologically advanced biomass heating systems that are energy efficient, use renewable fuel, reduce strain on the electrical grid, reduce running costs and are affordable.

Calore will endeavour to educate the public to use green alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions, save water and thus create a cleaner, healthier environment in Southern Africa.

Calore is also committed to skill development and training in the biomass industry, thus creating many job opportunities.

Calore’s Vision

Leader in providing sustainable energy solutions for Southern Africa


  • Social responsibility to create a greener SA
  • Improving the comfort and lifestyle of our clients
  • Unequivocal excellence in all aspects of the company
  • Science-based innovation
  • Service excellence
  • Honesty & integrity
  • Profit, but profit from works that benefits humanity and our environment
  • Social responsibility in line with the ethics of the Constitution of South Africa


Our team works tirelessly to provide you with the best quality products and services the industry has to offer. See why we are the #1 preferred fireplace company in South Africa.

Largest fireplace range in SA

Calore offers over 100 fireplace variations to choose from bringing you the largest fireplace selection in South Africa.

Top European quality & best value

We source from only the best European suppliers to ensure quality.

Multiple colours & designs

Our fireplace range consists of a large range of options. Choose from multiple colours and various surrounds and finishes.

Expert in-store service and advice

Our representing sales executives are expertly skilled at offering you the best advice when it comes to selecting and buying your fireplace. They will ensure you have exactly what you need and guide you throughout the process.

Leaders in aftersales service & support

Our dealers and technicians are professionally trained and experienced in offering you the right solutions to any aftersales service you require including manufacturer parts availability guarantee.

Certified professional installers

All our dealers have their own local trained in-house or appointed independent installers with the skills and knowledge of best practice installation principles at European standards.

Remote control & wifi compatibility

Selected units from our fireplace range come with wifi compatibility and remote control enabling you to control and manage your heating experience via remote or your mobile device with ease.

Exclusive patented technologies

Selected fireplaces in our range, exclusive to Calore, come standard or optional with patented heating technology for maximum user comfort and experience. Heat multiple rooms from one heat source with our Multifire technology.

Industry leading performance & efficiencies

Our range consists of fireplaces using pellet, wood and gas as fuel. We source only the best performing and efficient fireplaces with our pellet fireplaces reaching up to 90% efficiency.

The first to guarantee pellet supply in SA

Our pellet manufacturing plant constantly produces pellets to maintain a minimum buffer stock quantity to ensure and guarantee pellet supply to all our clients throughout South Africa, Namibia and Lesotho.
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