Clearance to combustible material

Wood burning fireplaces:

  • 1000mm from cast iron
  • 1000mm from glass doors and sides
  • 600mm from steel lined with vermiculite
  • 150mm minimum from rear wall

Pellet burning fireplaces:

  • 1000mm from glass
  • 600mm from the sides of the unit
  • 100mm minimum from rear wall

NB – These distances may vary between models. Accurate safety distances are indicated in all user manuals.

Vents: Why are vents required

Fresh Air:

A fresh air inlet is required for all fireplaces. In the case of a built in or insert type fireplace, the fresh air vent must allow fresh air from outside the home to enter the cavity where the fireplace is installed. In the case of a freestanding fireplace, the fresh air vent must allow fresh air from outside the home into the room where the fireplace is installed. Ideally immediately behind the fireplace as to not cause a draft. Alternatively as close to the side of the fireplace as possible. Try not to fit the vent on opposite walls from the fireplace as this will again cause a draft in the room.

Heat exchange vents / warm air circulation vents:

In the case of a built in / insert fireplace, these vents must be placed above and below the fireplace to allow hot air within the built cavity to be released into the living space. The below vent will naturally draw cooler air into the cavity where the fireplace will warm the air. As the air heats up, it will naturally rise and by a seal within the cavity, be forced out through the top vent into the living space. This process provides massive additional heat into the room and also helps prevent overheating inside the cavity that will result in cracked walls.


Flue options available

Black Mild Steel

For use indoors only and to a maximum height of 4.5 meters. These pipes are manufactures from 2mm steel.

304 Stainless Steel Single Skin Pipes

For use indoors only and to a maximum height of 4.5 meters. These pipes are manufactured from 0.5mm 304 grade stainless steel.

304 Stainless Steel Insulated Pipes

For use outdoors. When installing to a height of 10 meters. When installing to heights exceeding 4.5 meters indoors.

NB! All Calore flue pipes are EU certified and manufactured to the highest standards. Calore flue pipes carry a warranty of 10 years. ( this does not apply to rust / oxidation. Pipes must be regularly cleaned and polished with the correct protective applicators)

Freestanding Pellet: Energy consumption:

Energy consumption per hour in power usage when connecting to an inverter. Up to 600W at start-up. Up to 150W during operation. This will vary between models. Please consult your unit’s user manual.

Freestanding: Floor plate sizes available and finish

We stock black steel floor plates in a few designs and sizes – VIEW RANGE

Frame sizes and options with frame sizes

Should a particular model not have a frame option, frames can be custom made to fit.

Installing a TV above a built in fireplace

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Installation types

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