• Smart Standard Benefits

    • Fully Automated & Programmable: This range of Pellet Fireplaces will self-regulate their output according to the desired room temperature set by the user. The user can also set the Pellet Fireplace to automatically switch on / off at set times.
    • Wi-Fi Compatible: Can be fitted with an optional Wi-Fi kit to be controlled via an app on your smartphone or home-automation.
    • Digital Control panel
    • Enamel steel finish with various colour options.
    • Convenient & easy to use: Can be switched on / off by the touch of a single button.
    • Less than 1% ash produced from pellets burned.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Economical consumption.
    • Low running costs.
    • Highly efficient. Pellet fireplaces are approximately 90% efficient compared to wood fireplaces at 75% and open fireplaces at 20%. This means that 90% of the heat generated is distributed to the installed area.

    CAMILLA & MELANY models only:

    • Airtight hopper controlled by a pressure switch with alarm warning when lid is left open.
    • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth included as standard.
    • Optional new “EASY” remote with LCD display and direct touch function keys. Adjustments can be made by a simple click.
    • “Pellet Quality” function for calibration of pellet feeding.
    • “Combustion Quality” function for combustion air flow calibration.
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