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Calore wood pellets are manufactured in South Africa from pure pine waste sourced from sustainably managed plantations, providing an easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to owners of wood pellet fireplaces .When biomass from wood waste or sustainably managed plantations, are combusted to create energy, the process actually generates no increased greenhouse gas emissions, a circumstance described as carbon neutrality.

What is a pellet fireplace?

Pellet fireplaces are highly efficient, fully automated and programmable heating systems. They utilize wood pellets as fuel which is very economical, easy to handle and store and produce high heat outputs without harming the environment. Piazzetta pellet fireplaces guarantee a long burn time with a thermostatically controlled self-regulating capacity as well as practical programming management.  The user can set the desired room temperature and the fireplace will then automatically adjust its output in order to maintain the temperature selected. Pellet fireplaces can also be programmed to turn on and off at set times. They are very easy to use and require very little maintenance. View our range of pellet fireplaces.

Can you guarantee that the pellets will always be available?

Calore wood pellets are locally manufactured are readily available through all of our nationwide stores. Visit our Store Directory.

They are produced from off-cuts and waste material from the local timber industry sourced from sustainable commercial plantations and sawmills.

Pellet fireplaces have been selling successfully in S.A for over 7 years now and subsequent to Calore introducing these systems to the South African market, other suppliers are now making their pellets also available.

How is biomass fuel a green source of energy?

Our manufacturer of pellets ,Calore Sustainable Energy, takes the utmost care to source their feedstock from waste wood of the sustainable pine plantation industry of South Africa.

Not a single tree is cut down to produce our wood pellets (and the trees cut down to supply the timber industry are replanted).

When a tree or plant grows it absorbs a certain amount of carbon dioxide during the process of photosynthesis. When you burn wood (or when a tree dies and decomposes), only that same amount of carbon dioxide it absorbed in its life cycle is released into the atmosphere. That carbon dioxide is then re-absorbed/sequestered by the replanted tree, thus completing the natural carbon cycle.

This is a closed cycle and in this process no additional carbon is emitted into the atmosphere that wasn’t already there, so we can thus say that our products are carbon neutral.

What is the cost of Pellets?

Calore will always attempt to ensure the price of pellets stay at half or less than half the cost of electricity and gas. Our production facility is built around efficiently producing pellets as economically as possible.

Recommended Retail Price:

R179 per bag including VAT.

Pellet Loyalty Progamme:

Calore Paarden Eiland, Paarl and Fourways offer a loyalty price to clients who purchased their pellet fireplaces from these stores.
Please enquire with the stores directly.



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