Are Pellet Fireplaces Worth It?

Pellet fireplaces are highly efficient, fully automated and programmable heating systems. Pellets are fed into the burn chamber automatically from a storage tank (hopper) and thus do not require manual fuel feeding every hour or so as with wood fireplaces. Some hoppers have sufficient capacity for the fireplace to run conveniently for up to 15 hours

Main Benefits of Pellet Fireplaces

  • Burn wood pellets as fuel which are very economical, easy to handle and store,
  • High efficiency levels producing high heat outputs with only 1% of ash without harming the environment
  • Thermostatically controlled and are  self-regulating to maintain the pre-set temperature in the room (similar to an air-conditioner)
  • Programmable to be automatically switch on/off at required times
  • Wi-Fi compatible to enable full access via a free app downloaded to your smart phone. (model specific )
  • With Wi-Fi fitted, the user can activate the pellet fireplace from anywhere via an internet connection
  • The most convenient, technologically advanced heating systems
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