How to Elevate your Interiors with a Double Sided Wood Fireplace

In the realm of luxury interior design, a fireplace serves as a source of warmth; however with a double sided wood fireplace, it could also be a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a pure work of art. The allure of a designer fireplace lies in its ability to transform a space into an enclave of sophistication and comfort. In this article, we explore the transformative power of double sided high-end fireplaces and how Calore’s exclusive range is igniting the trend of modern living spaces throughout South Africa.

The aesthetic allure and unique functionality of a double side fireplace: Designer fireplaces serve as a centrepiece, commanding attention and drawing the eye. They are the heartbeat that breathes life into the home in a well-curated room, marrying functionality with fine art. In contemporary interior design, clean lines, and minimalist aesthetics are highly prized. Calore’s sleek fireplaces fit this narrative seamlessly, with alternative built in high-end fireplace options that exemplifying the understated chic that modern design dictates. The panoramic view of dancing flames encased in a slim, glass-fronted display adds a mesmerising quality to your livings space.

Architectural harmony: High-end fireplaces like those from Calore are designed to complement the architecture of a space. Whether it’s the rustic charm of a country estate or the streamlined form of an urban loft, there’s a Calore model to suit. Take, for instance, some feature a modular design that can be customised to fit the specific dimensions and style of a room, ensuring that the fireplace looks and feels like an integral part of the home.  Reach out to a Calore consultant to advice you on your space and measurements.

Material matters: The materials used in imported designer fireplaces are true to their quality. Some of which showcase the beauty of natural stone surrounds, which provide durability and a tactile and visual warmth to interiors. Alternatively, some other ranges use high-grade steel with a variety of finishes to reflect the latest in industrial design trends.

Eco-conscious and efficient: Today’s high-end fireplaces are more than aesthetics and lend toward sustainability and eco-efficiency. Calore’s innovative fireplaces are designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring that beauty does not come at the expense of the environment. Our pellet stoves, offer a greener solution by burning biofuels that emit lower levels of greenhouse gases.

The multi-functional flame: A designer fireplace today must be multi-functional. Calore recognises this with features like integrated storage, where functionality meets design. This is where the fireplace is not just a source of heat but also a clever solution to storage needs, with built-in compartments for logs or tools, adding both purpose and style to the piece.

Lighting the way: Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood of a space, and a fireplace is a natural anchor for layered lighting design. With Calore’s  LED lighting incorporated into the fireplace, this accentuate the flames and provide a soft, ambient glow that enhances the mood within your space.

The art of flame: At the heart of it all is the flame itself. Calore takes this to new heights with adjustable flame patterns that allow you to customise the dance of the fire to suit your mood and setting. This specific series makes the flames themselves a living sculpture, constantly changing and evolving, adding a dynamic element to the stillness of a room.

A double  sided wood fireplace is such a critical element of interior design, providing warmth, style, and a unique modern flair. By choosing a Calore designer fireplace, you are making a statement about the importance of design, the value of aesthetics, and the art of living well.  Join the Calore family and take the first step by submitting a finance query for your very own Calore fireplace.

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